Class Types

We use many fitness tools to provide the most effective and interesting formats.  Our classes are "on the Beat" and intense.

All  major muscles are recruited  in our classes.

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A low impact but high intensity full body workout inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates designed to hit major muscle groups throughout the lower and upper body.

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Heart-pumping, blood moving and sweat dripping indoor classes to improve cardio strength and boost muscle endurance.

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Whether on the beach for Yoga, at the park for muscle toning or at the Stone Harbor Rec for Barre, we have your outdoor fitness needs covered.

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From fundamentals to vinyasa flow; from restorative to energizing, Avalon Fitness Upstairs balances yoga techniques with strength movements and promotes flexibility in the body.

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Barre Classes

All Types!

Indoor Classes
Strength Training Body Sculpt Cardio Step HIIT + Core
Outside Classes

Avalon HIIT at Surfside park.

Power Yoga at Surfside park

Beach Yoga at 30th street

Indoor Cycling

Power and Rhythmic

Fitness Boutique

Vinyasa Flow

Hot Power Yoga

African Dance
Small Group Training
Athletic Training On the Step